35 Stylish Wooden Kitchen Designs

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Hello good people, especially who like cooking. Do you like a traditional look existing in your kitchen? If so, to choose the wooden design one can be the good way for you. Besides, the wooden kitchen can also be so beautiful and can give calm impression. It is because the good quality of wood that can go well with every color. Thus, the wooden kitchen will give you a beauty and calm with traditional look of it.

In addition, you need to know how to give suitable color schemes so that the room will not be boring. Some woods commonly have natural color. So, you can just add some beautifully matching color to support the natural color of the woods in order to present the better appearance. After finishing designing the kitchen, the next step that you need to do is to add matching floors. By doing that, the room may express the naturally traditional design but also present an elegant atmosphere. Thus, it will be so inviting for all users.

Furthermore, to get more impressive look around the wall, you can add some artistic picture on it. It can be applied on the ceramic that is suitable to be put on it. Hence, there will be an additional good-looking spot around the wall. Then, to make the room neat, don’t forget to provide a functional storage. With it, you can put anything important related to the kitchen equipments on it so that it will not take so much space of the room.

So, the space will be wider to be used as place to do some other activities. If needed, it will be better to put some decorative accessories like potted plants or flowers. With the existences of them, the atmosphere can be more relaxing and impressive. If you are interested, just try it to design your own kitchen.

30 Fantastic Modern Kitchens with Aquarium Decoration

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Nowadays, there are so many kinds of design that are used in the kitchen. One of the most amazing designs is the kitchen which has aquarium and some plants in it. The existences of them of course will make the look fresh and more relaxing. In kitchen, it will be so beautiful to use an integrated aquaponic system in which plants and fishes live in the same circle together and benefit from each other.

The advantage of using it is the fish can produce waste that is good for plants to grow fast with higher quality. Thus, the plants will give so exciting appearance to decorate the room. The fish will do that too. In relation to providing fish and plants in one circle, there is a good idea to apply it well. It is to use the technology of water pump. Why is it suggested? The answer is because that technology can regulate the water circulation between the aquarium and the bed for the plants. So, it will be so useful for making the appearance become very relaxingly beautiful.

In addition, we know that kitchen is a cooking area for every cook. So, to make it beautiful is a better choice that to let it be messy and dirty. Then, there must be at least a stove and a sink in the kitchen related to the kitchen equipment. Those equipments are nice to be hidden when they are not used.

So, there are just the view of beautiful plants and aquarium that seem in the kitchen that of course can give the differently cool atmosphere of the kitchen. Thus, it is very possible to give a serious pleasure and joy to the users. For additional information, the dishwasher and oven can be hidden underneath. By doing it, you can have a chance to enjoy the more practical kitchen. Thus, it will be so attractive kitchen for anyone.

30 Stunning Rustic Wood Kitchen Designs

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Cool and simple kitchen sometimes become preferable or favorite because of the comfortable atmosphere to stay there. When you need this condition exists in your kitchen, you can have the good idea to actualize it. You can use the collaboration between deVOL kitchens and wood man Sebastian Cox. This collaboration can be the most suitable one for you considering the special quality that can be got from this collaboration to design the kitchen. So, you need to try if you really want to have the simple kitchen but it is cool enough to see and feel.

The advantage of this kind of kitchen design is about the characteristic. It can be said as a kitchen with rustic style. Besides, it is also natural kitchen because of lots of natural wood in décor. Then, it is very light-colored and almost rough too. Thus, this can be the very amazing design if this is used to design the room.

Furthermore, this design idea can also be said the calm and natural one. The reason is because all furniture, something on the floors, something on the ceiling is made of wood. Thus, the kitchen will give simple impression but will look so inviting. It is very cool and pleasurable, isn’t it? So, get this idea and try to apply this design to your lovely kitchen in your own house.

For additional information, if you want to get the cozier kitchen, this idea allows you to have whitewashed brick walls that can be perfectly combined with light-colored wood. Then, you can also have black cabinet to make great contrast to all the light wood. Moreover, it is good to complete the kitchen interior with antlers to make a hint on a woodland retreat. When it is done perfectly, of course you will have kitchen design in simplicity but it is so amazingly interesting for every visitor, especially you as the user.

20 Amusing Rustic and Vintage Kitchen Designs

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Good morning smart ladies and gentlemen! How are you today? Hope everything is well organized. Okay, welcome to the kitchen design idea. Actually, in the previous discussion, we have talked about a bedroom design idea. Now, it is time for you to have an important knowledge which discusses about a rustic and vintage kitchen design filled with natural light. Well, what do you think about it? Do you have any idea? Yea, please pay attention to this following explanation.

By the way, it is better for you to know that this fascinating eat in kitchen belongs and specially was created by a well known Parisian stylist or blogger, she is Lucille Gauthier-Braud. Firstly, she enlarged the windows in order to fill the kitchen with natural light. It is very great, isn’t it?

Then, the furniture of the kitchen is called Ikea Grytnas kitchen. It consists of some counters, nice cabinets and also a good sink. All of them are personalized. Besides, there is also a stainless steel plate rack and Smeg gas range which is completed with a stainless backsplash so that they add an industrial element to the warm space.

For further information, Lucille Gauthier Braud made the pendant lamps which are finished by her. After that, the Ikea sink and birch countertop are fronted by a big window so that they really look so amazing, right? Then, if we talk about the sideboard, it is an antique which is from Nantes and the vintage Italian lamp on it is perfectly designed by Guzzini. Wow, it sounds very wonderful!

On the other hand, there is also an old harvest table which is paired with the vintage white dining chairs. For the additional information, a still life of beautiful candles and leafy sprigs corralled on a white plate also embellish and beautify this kind of kitchen. Thus, it can add the attractiveness of this room.

10 Cool Stainless Steel Kitchen for Home Chefs

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For everyone who likes to have beautiful kitchen design, it seems you need to know about Abimis kitchen. This kind of kitchen design idea is from Prisma, Italian company. This company is known as a very good one related to the kitchen design. So, it will be suitable for you when you need to have good idea to design your kitchen. Then, you need to know that this kitchen design, Abimis is kind of great one because it is also developed for passionate gourmet cooks who need to have a home kitchen like those of the great chefs. Thus, the room is guaranteed to be attractive for the users.

In addition, the special quality of the Abimis kitchen is about the surface which is entirely made from stainless steel. Then, this surface is also polished to create scratches and marks difficult to see. Also, it is to give the kitchen a warmer and softer look. It will be very satisfying because Abimis can be said as a result of a complete redesign of the environment, and conserving, preparing, cooking, presenting and washing of the kitchen. The nice news is that the kitchen is also made smoothly and logically. So, it will be great to create beautiful atmosphere.

Furthermore, this kitchen is the right thing to leave greater freedom for expression and creativity. It can be seen from the look that is very stylish and exciting. Then, for you who need some decorative furniture, you can just add a good-looking storage to be put in the kitchen. In addition, for the wall, you can give the neutral color for the wall to get calm impression. With all of them, we are sure that the room environment will be so cool and nice to have great kitchen design for home chefs. So, try this design to get some nice looks for your kitchen interior.