10 Awesome Black and White Wooden Kitchen Designs

Hello good people. You need to know that kitchen is one of the important rooms in the house. It is because the room is used almost every day. Therefore, to design it beautifully is necessary to give nice impression to everyone who visits it, especially the users. In relation to designing beautiful kitchen, you can get inspired from the interior designer and furniture maker named Katrin Arens. This person is a very good designer because she has ever designed young restaurateur couple in Bergamo. So, her skill can guarantee the perfect design she made.

In addition, you need to know that her creation is very great. It is about kitchen which is built largely from salvaged scaffolding wood. The nice impression of the kitchen is that it is supported with a dramatic wall of iron sheeting which wraps around the range hood. That is why we say that the creation of Katrin Arens is great.

Then, the interesting spot of the kitchen from her, there is a dishwasher that is to the right of the sink. Also, there is a freestanding fridge to the left. Thus, the existence of them can of course perfectly beautify the kitchen interior. So, you can try it if you want to have a great kitchen with beautiful interior.

Moreover, in the kitchen made by that designer, there are all-wood drawers and cabinets with basic carved openings which are used in most of the design. They are certainly able to add the beauty of the room. Then, there are also provided some functional storage which can be used to save anything related to the kitchen. The inviting impression of the storages is that they are made of good quality of wood. So, the look can be very naturally attractive that comes from the appearance of the wood.

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