10 Awesome Green Kids Bedroom Designs by Stemik Living

Good morning everyone! What is your opinion about kids bedroom design? Is it interesting for you? Yea, if you are very interested in it, just find some inspiring design ideas in this kind of bedroom which is specially designed by Stemik Living. First of all, before you design a cool bedroom for your lovely kids, you are suggested to choose an interesting color for the room. Then, if you have a boy and a girl, you should to choose and find a universal color which they like even they love.

In relation to the color, green is an ideal and great one to be applied in this kids bedroom. You need to know that this fresh color is recommended by psychologists as very favorite color for children. Actually, they like color which has characteristics like bright and attractive to be seen. In addition, the green color is quite bright but it is not aggressive. Then, in this green bedroom, the children will be active to do their activities because this color is able to make their mood good and improve their happy feeling. So, they will of course have comfortable and enjoyable emotion.

Furthermore, Stemik Living also presents a cool kids bedroom for the furniture in pretty green color. Perfectly, those furniture are classified into the ergonomic one and they can satisfy every kid’s need. Thus, it is very amazing, isn’t it? Then, for the bed, it has a style that is the two level beds which is creatively combined with a wonderful wardrobe and uniquely it has a lot of additional spaces for the storage. Hence, this kind of kids bedroom looks more chic and natural so that your kids would love their bedroom very much.

For the additional information, especially for the wall, you can design it using white color. Then, if you use green color for the furniture, this room will have a nice combination of colors between green and white. It is really fresh and natural, right?

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