10 Cool Modern Living Room and Bedroom by Moda

Being seen from the name, it sounds interesting and charming, right? Before we discuss it more, let us introduce and share what Moda is. According to many people, Moda is a subdivision of the Italian design group by Di Loddo and Perego. It specially produces the item of creative furniture with the innovative designs.

Then, you do not need to be worried about the quality because the models of the furniture have a certificate of authenticity and also have been signed by the artist. Thus, the quality can be said as well-guaranteed.

In addition, you need to know that this Italian design group has offered a new collection on Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2009 in Milan. The name of the new collection is Sinfonia 14. It is made in a stylish neo-naroque style. The special quality which can be seen from it is about the shapes and finishes. The designers of it combine the model which has classic shapes and contemporary finishes. So, with this stylish model, of course it can create a unique impression.

Moreover, they also provide bright sets which are able to be used for furnishing whole bedroom and living room as well. The sets may consist of lacquered red and white red or green wardrobe with blue sideboards, and other kinds of beautiful sets. The sets can look glaring because of being supported with the color. Besides, the sets will also look quite refined and elegant if they are put into the living room and bedroom. So, be ready to get an attractive look of the sets!

The sets’ colors which may be used nicely in the room are such as red, green, and blue. Those colors can be suitably combined with bright and glaring color like white. So, when you design the wall with white and provide some sets with those colors, the bright and peaceful atmosphere will be easily got.

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