11 Cute Shared Room for Three Girls

The girls basically like something cute to exist around them in their life. In this case, to have the cute room is also something important that should be fulfilled. Talking about girls, especially for the parents that has three girls in house, to make shared bedroom for them can be one of the cutest kids’ rooms ever. Then, the parents can provide special shared room by providing Scandinavian vibe and a little bit of French touch. With them, you do not need to be worried that the room will look like something out of a cold or distant catalogue. However, the room will be amazingly nice.

The shared room for three girls will be attractive to be designed cutely. On the other hand, the parents can also combine the white base with soft colors and some graphic splashes. This way can be used to make the room become full of light and have lovely details. This kind of shared room for girls allows them to have their own bed. Also, the older sisters will possible to share the workspace. In relation to the lovely details, the room can be supported with Garlands, wall stickers and cushions to add charm to the nook. Thus, the room atmosphere can be completely charming.

For girls, the tidy room is a must. To keep the room always in tidy condition, boxes and shelves can be put in the room to keep it well-organized. Besides, they can be used for serving as storage for toys and books. Additionally, to get the impressive look of the room, the room can be designed in contrast between pieces, like each bed for each girl is different with others.

Then, the impressive look can be beautified with the combination of robust stool with a modern pineapple lamp, and antique mirror. The room can be perfect to be completed with an antique mirror that can combine with a modern crib. Thus, the look will be wonderfully attractive for the girls.

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