13 Astonishing Turquoise and Yellow Dining Room Designs

Hi good people! Do you ever know Carlo Rampazzi and Sergio Villa? They are a great architect and designer. Both of them can make a good creation, include furniture for dining room. Opus Futura, their furniture collection is very greatly cool and was ever presented at Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan. It is fantastic, isn’t it? So, it is amazing for you to get the furniture by those two great men and use it for decorate your own dining room so that your room can look modern and will give a fresh atmosphere too.

In addition, you need to know that the furniture is created in the preparation of traditional dining room. However, it can look very modern because of being designed using modern technology. The special quality of Carlo Rampazzi and Sergio Villa’s furniture is it is wonderfully designed with glass, wood, textile and light. With those things, it is not a surprise that the furniture can be so fresh and modern.

Talking about their creation, we will be satisfied with the furniture because it is also made by using the show of pieces of high level about applied arts. Thus, this furniture can be functioned as a tool to beautify the ambience of the room because of the artistic look. Also, their creation is made supported with their development and recognition. So, the furniture can be perfectly interesting.

Another special quality of the two men’s creation is about the color scheme. It the surface of the furniture consists of yellow and turquoise blue. It is great to be got because the appearance can run our memory of Egypt and of the art of the Mediterranean countries. Thus, it can be concluded that by getting the furniture that has turquoise and yellow colors by the two great men named Carlo Rampazzi and Sergio Villa can give every user a chance to enjoy a fresh and modern dining room every time he or she visits it.

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