14 Awesome Girlish Black Bedroom Designs

Sometimes, there are some people state that black wall is only gothic or gloomy. Actually, it is not just like that. However, it can also be romantic. Besides romantic, it can create an exquisite and vintage atmosphere. So, for you who like black color to be set on your walls, do not be worried to not get attractiveness of it!

To get great girlish bedroom design idea with black walls, you can get inspired from the attractive design idea by Nina Holst. For adding another color of black, you can give the one which has contrast color. The possible one is white. If your walls are black, to make it contrast you can provide white floors.

Then for the bedding, it is suggested to be black and white. So, the atmosphere will be more attractive because of the beautifully combined contrast color in the room. Of course it will be stylish for the girls.

The girls are usually like the charm very much to appear in their bedroom. To get a charm, besides beautiful combined color look, this bedroom design lets the girls enjoy chic velvet pillow, cutie girly details or it is also possible to provide black and white cups. So, all of them will be able to make the room become charming for the girls.

To support the charm, the good thing that may be done is to hang the DIY wall art and pink flowers on the wall. Besides add the charm, it can also be able to make the room become more suitable for the girls because of the feminine look. Thus, it will be very sweet girl bedroom. for the summary, for you who like black but you do not want it to be gloomy at all, you can dilute black with light colors, such as white and maybe pink. So, it can avoid the dark look of the room.

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