14 Stunning Classic Bedrooms Designs by Maura Taft

First of all, before listening to our interesting discussion, we want to introduce a professional designer of bedroom which is usually called Maura Taft. In this case, she could create such bedroom which is designed by having warm atmosphere and uniquely with old-school style. She creates it because she wants to provide a bedroom with a new and modern design so that luckily for people who like this kind of bedroom. Of course, it would be their good inspiration to decorate their own bedroom imaginatively.

Related to the designs, this kind of sleeping room is classified into the minimalist one with a stylish model. Even though like that, it still looks more impressive and elegant to be a right place for having a nice sleeping. Then, the most important thing in this room is the combination of warm colors, many old-school pieces of some furniture and also attractive lighting effects create this bedroom so pleasant, enjoyable and of course awesome to be placed by everyone, especially the owners.

For the additional information, Maura Taft focuses on personal interiors which show clients personal style. Thus, to make it comes true, there are some elements which completely support and could be functioned to beautify this room. First, it is decorated with a brown luxury curtain which is placed in some big windows. Besides, in order to get a match touch, you are able to design the wall using light brown color. It is really gorgeous, isn’t it?

On the other hand, for the bed, it will be better to use a luxury soft one because it perfectly adds a wonderful atmosphere in this room. Furthermore, there are also some nice souvenirs and some fragrant flowers on a small storage near the bed. Yeah, it is about the warm bedroom design and the amazing furniture in it. If most of you like and want this design, just imitate it! Please decorate your own bedroom as creative as you want by paying attention those great ideas above!

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