15 Amusing Minimalist Bed Designs by Presotto

Welcome back to the bedroom design. Hope you are still interested in it because this kind of bedroom is as interesting as the others. Well, are you familiar with the name of Presotto? Do you recognize it? Okay, it is one of popular Italian companies which provides a lot of products to complete any contemporary apartment. Then, what can you do with the furniture? Do you feel confused with it? Yeah, you can make a bedroom which is so trendy and practical using the furniture.

Furthermore, there is one of the furniture which is classified into the most recent one. It is a bed which is usually called by many people with Fusion. How does it look like? By the way, it is a kind of bed which looks minimalist and it is used just for two persons. Besides, the bed is made of lacquered wood. In addition, the curved headboard and bed frame also decorate this modern bedroom. They are covered by imitation leather which is often called with Tecnopelle.

In relation to the bed, this kind of bed is provided in two styles. They are, first, completely white or with anthracite color base and the second is the contrasting model. For the second one, it looks more innovative and also natural. On the other hand, Presotto also presents interesting nightstands and beautiful dresser which is decorated with curved in the corner of it. Perfectly, they have the same finish as the bed and nicely fit to it.

Just for the additional information for you who like this design, you are suggested to decorate the wall with grey color, not only the wall but also the luxury bed, the soft pillows and the attractive blanket. It is needed to get the modern bedroom but it still looks elegant and awesome to be placed by everyone, especially the owners of this sleeping room. So, if you are a big fan of the modern bedroom with the minimalist bed, don’t be doubt to design your own bedroom with those ideas above. Prove it!

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