15 Awesome DIY Hanging Beds for Boys Bedroom

Hello good readers! For you who have three boys in your house, it is good for you to provide the stylish one that can be used by them. In this case, you are suggested to use the room of cool DIY hanging beds. This kind of room design is inspired by Ana White. This room can be very nice for the boys because it can look good and is very practical in relation to the space saving. So, to get very interesting bedroom design in which there are provided hanging beds can be the best solution to give comfort to the boys.

In relation to the hanging beds, the room can also look unique because the beds are hanging from the walls with thick rope from metal hooks. Also, they are bolted or locked into the wall. So, the beds will be safe for the boys. In addition, the beds are supported with the bed lines from IKEA. So, they can add the beauty of the beds.

Furthermore, there are battery-powered LED lights which are installed by and close to the bed. In this time, the users can make the lights stay on or turn it off with the button. So, with the existences of the lights, it will add the attraction of the bedroom appearance. Thus, the nice sleep in the room will be got by the boys.

Then, with hanging beds, the room can be more attractive than the one with common beds. Besides, by designing the hanging beds in the room can also prove that to design a stylish and practical room do not always need a lot of money on furniture. So, are you interested in this idea? If so, just try to apply this idea in your house to give a special room for your boys.

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