18 Cool Barbie Princess by Doimo Cityline

Hi beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen! Well, what do you think about a barbie princess room? Is it funny and interesting for your daughter? Of course yes if she likes a barbie very much. By the way, in relation to this kind of room, there is a well known Italy company which becomes a leader in bedroom manufacture and it is called the Doimo Cityline. It is better for you to know that this company starts to present and offer new series of kids’ room furniture during the Salone del Mobile 2009. It is called Barbie and because of the name, it attracts all girls in the world for 50 years. It is so great, right?

Then, you are able to find and choose a kind of rooms in this collection. The company provides four kinds of rooms which are absolutely different. The first kind is Diamond, Glam, Gloss and the last is Romantic. All of them are really charming and beautiful to be seen by everyone, especially for the girls. In addition, all of those kinds of rooms apply common and standard quality also they have some useful cabinets which are from other Doimo Cityline collections but they still use Barbie’s character in every furniture.

For further information, this barbie princess’ room uses rich pink colors for all furniture. Actually, this color symbolizes Barbies’s character so that it looks so amazing and awesome. After that, a large variety of room parts can be found every where and of course it will make your lovely daughter happy and feel comfortable when they have a nice sleep, study or play with her friends in it. Moreover, in order to create a wonderful environment, you are allowed to add some hanging flickering lamps which are put on the white ceiling. It would add the beauty and the attractiveness of this room. Enjoy it!

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