19 Interesting Basement Bedroom Designs

Hello guys! Long time no see. Okay, we would ask you, what do you think about a basement? Do you have any idea? Well, many people usually have a thought that a basement is a place which is dark and it can become a men’s den, not a teen’s bedroom. By the way, in relation to a basement, there is a professional and creative interior designer named Annie Selke who designs a basement to be a very bright and colorful also teen friendly bedroom. It sounds attractive and wonderful, doesn’t it? So, get inspired from it.

First of all, you need to know that this kind of bedroom design which has a basement, the bedroom has a large space that becomes like a mini studio apartment instead of other room in the house. Then, perfectly, a lot of dirt is moved away from the foundation of this bedroom also the windows are cut out. Besides, a lot of natural light come into this bedroom so that it makes the room look very bright. Thus, it is not dark at all because of the natural light.

For the additional information, if we talk about the furniture, this kind of bedroom design uses a lot of different bright furniture pieces. Then, it also adds the beautiful wall decorations which could create an amazing and a chic atmosphere in it. Besides, the combination between those bright furniture and the wall decorations make the basement look so colorful and cause a good looking due to the well arranged and organized of the room.

Moreover, for the bed, it usually uses the luxury bed which applies the line patterns motive. It of course make this room becomes very elegant to be seen. Don’t forget for the wall, the beautiful and interesting painting of the red and white flowers, the red fruit, the green leaves also some unique lines decorate the pink wall. It is really gorgeous and awesome you know. Just prove it and enjoy living in this cozy place to create a comfortable environment!

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