20 Amusing Rustic and Vintage Kitchen Designs

Good morning smart ladies and gentlemen! How are you today? Hope everything is well organized. Okay, welcome to the kitchen design idea. Actually, in the previous discussion, we have talked about a bedroom design idea. Now, it is time for you to have an important knowledge which discusses about a rustic and vintage kitchen design filled with natural light. Well, what do you think about it? Do you have any idea? Yea, please pay attention to this following explanation.

By the way, it is better for you to know that this fascinating eat in kitchen belongs and specially was created by a well known Parisian stylist or blogger, she is Lucille Gauthier-Braud. Firstly, she enlarged the windows in order to fill the kitchen with natural light. It is very great, isn’t it?

Then, the furniture of the kitchen is called Ikea Grytnas kitchen. It consists of some counters, nice cabinets and also a good sink. All of them are personalized. Besides, there is also a stainless steel plate rack and Smeg gas range which is completed with a stainless backsplash so that they add an industrial element to the warm space.

For further information, Lucille Gauthier Braud made the pendant lamps which are finished by her. After that, the Ikea sink and birch countertop are fronted by a big window so that they really look so amazing, right? Then, if we talk about the sideboard, it is an antique which is from Nantes and the vintage Italian lamp on it is perfectly designed by Guzzini. Wow, it sounds very wonderful!

On the other hand, there is also an old harvest table which is paired with the vintage white dining chairs. For the additional information, a still life of beautiful candles and leafy sprigs corralled on a white plate also embellish and beautify this kind of kitchen. Thus, it can add the attractiveness of this room.

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