20 Cool Rustic Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom

Hello, everyone! When the fall comes, you must feel less warm and cozy right? So, it can be said as lacking some warmth and coziness. Thus, you are suggested for getting inspired from this beautiful bedroom style with ensuite bathroom ideas to solve that problem.

In relation to this bedroom, you need to know that the décor is designed in refined rustic style. By being designed in that style, the bedroom will be more charming and attractive for you. Besides, it will also make you feel warmer. Then, the special quality of this bedroom style is the area of the décor can share an open-plan space. Also, the space is separated by a wall that is placed in the middle of it. So, it will create more interesting appearance.

In addition, for you who like to have a bedroom which is connected to a bathroom, this bedroom décor idea is the right choice for you. By having this, you do not need to take a long time to go to bathroom after you do some activities in the bedroom. So, it will be effective and easy.

For designing the bedroom with ensuite bathroom, you may use a bare concrete ceiling. Then, you may add a hand-painted striped featured wall. With this combination, the atmosphere of the bedroom will not be boring. Besides, those materials can be functioned to create a raw look in contrast. Also, they can also produce clean lines of the bathroom cabinetry, wardrobe and bath.

Furthermore, for the dividing wall, it is nicely done in a dark polish concrete finish on one side. While the available wooden floor, it can be used to increase the warmth of the space. So, you will get so many benefits if you apply this bedroom décor idea to design your bedroom. By applying it, you will hopefully be able to get bright, warm, and also inviting space to welcome the fall.

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