16 Cool Chalkboard Bedroom Décor Ideas

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What is your opinion about chalkboard bedroom décor? There are some people who have opinion that this kind of bedroom décor is fun enough. Besides, they state that it can also be trendy and interactive. In relation to the price, this bedroom décor is categorized as budget-friendly one. Also, it is easy to DIY. So, it will be great idea for you who have a chance to apply this idea in your bedroom.

Talking about chalkboard bedroom décor, there are two most popular ideas of chalkboard in bedroom which you can enjoy. Those are accent wall and headboard. For accent wall, it can be said as new wall art regularly. Because of the artistic or aesthetic look, it can automatically increase the attraction of the bedroom. Besides, the accent wall can be done only by putting some colorful chalk near the wall and voila. So, it is not so difficult to do, even by ordinary people without special skill in designing bedroom.

Then, for the chalkboard headboard, it will be a great idea for the bedroom owners because this headboard allows the people to leave message to each other, especially for those who stay in one room. Besides allows leaving message, the people can also draw something on it. So, if you like to write down message to others or like drawing, you can use this chalkboard bedroom idea to decorate your bedroom.

For further information, this bedroom décor can be used as an attractive and entertaining place for the bedroom users. It can be so because it looks unique and also is useful. It can also be used as a reminder about your activities or plans. To make it happen, you can just write down your plans on it. So, when you check it out on the board, you will be able to get it. Thus, it will be nice and helpful.

15 Awesome Geometric Bedroom Designs

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Hi, good people! What do you know about the geometric décor? Have you ever heard about it? If you have never done, now let’s find out! A geometric décor is a kind of pleasing style for bedroom which is incredibly trendy at this time. The décor is known as a style which is not only categorized as modern décor and simple, but is also universal. It means that the décor can be suitable for all kinds of people like men, women, and even children. So, it will be very useful in your house.

In addition, there are two most popular geometric patterns which can be used for being applied into bedroom décor, those are bedding and headboards. Then, you need to know that getting geo bedding is the easiest idea to take fashionable patterns. From geo bedding, every bedroom user can choose various colors and figures. It is because in geo bedding, every user is allowed to change the colors and figures as often as he want. So, it is very pleasing for you if you have a willing to apply this trendy style into your own bedroom.

Then, talking about geometric headboard, we can say that it is a real attraction. The reason why we say that is because it can highlight the sleeping place. Besides, the user may paint some beautiful things on it. With a beautiful painting, it will of course give a beautiful atmosphere of the bedroom and it can be interesting and very cool.

To support the attraction, it is also possible for you to find geometric art pieces, lamps, chandeliers, wallpaper, or floor décor. With those existences, the bedroom will be completely charming and interesting. So, do you want your bedroom to be charming and interesting enough? If so, it is time for you to get inspired from this geometric bedroom décor idea.

14 Elegant Vintage Bedroom Décor Ideas

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There is another kind of bedroom which is perfectly designed with sweet vintage idea. Wow, it sounds great and interesting! Do you interested with it? Or do you want to have a bedroom like this? Yea, we are sure that all people in the world of course attracted with this bedroom design. Why it can be like that?

By the way, this idea has a chic and a beautiful style which is classified into the very popular one. Then, some exquisite ideas are completely available for them who like the design very much. Besides, the vintage bedrooms are appropriate not only for girls, but often very feminine. For the furniture in the lovely bedroom, they are able to be decorated with nice lace, refined furniture, floral patterned textiles or might some unique ruffles.

On the other hand, the people are able to try sparkling light or good pastel shades which white color could be as basic one for this kind of bedroom. Moreover, they can make a shabby chic ambience just for a vintage bed, a bench and also a chair. Then, for an amazing canopy, an elegant chandelier and wonderful floral patterned wallpapers will create a luxurious atmosphere.

Furthermore, they are able to add an elegant vanity in the corner of the room. The kind of the vanity is delicate one which is typically suitable for this style of the bedroom design. Thus, it can be used to beautify this gorgeous bedroom.

In relation to the furniture, there are some elements which support the attractiveness of the room. First, the floor is provided in bright brown wooden which looks so charming. Then, the bed has various style or model so that they are able to choose based on their desire. In order to make the bedroom more luxurious, they can place an impressive dressing table near the bed. Thus, an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere can be got.

13 Stunning Loft Bedroom Designs

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Hello everyone. How is life? Hope everything is okay and fine. Well, are you ready to design your bedroom to be more attractive and charming? It is able to be done by making a bedroom with a loft style.

Have you ever heard before? Or is it the first time to hear it? To get a good solution and disappear your anxious feeling, it is the best way to pay attention in this explanation and description below. Hope it can be a resource for you who want design the bedroom interestingly and creatively.

In relation to the kind of bedroom, a loft bedroom provides something which is magical and mysterious. Why it can be like that? Actually, it is disguised somewhere above the floor so that it is placed on a higher place. Besides, this bedroom also makes a luxurious sleeping space for the users, they can be the owners or even the guests.

Then, creating a loft bedroom can be one of the challenging ways and also space saving. It is of course a great solution for one room apartment in order to keep bedroom private and divide from the rest of house.

On the other hand, this unique bedroom can be built in a small studio apartment as well as in a spacious industrial building. It is able to work well if the ceilings are higher as the low ones which might divide a small room into crammed sections.

Furthermore, this bedroom is usually placed on the higher one or the second floor of the house. Thus, to go there, the people should use such stairs or a ladder. The stairs is used to put some beautiful shoes, in this case especially for women.

Besides, there is also small wooden table which can be a place to put some reading books, small sleeping lamps and a vase of fragrance flowers. All of the elements above are good for them who want to design their bathroom more elegant and sparkling.