12 Cool Romantic Bedroom Design with Semicircular Windows

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Hi, long time no see. How is everything? Yea, we have some important and interesting knowledge, of course about the bedroom design. It sounds great, right? Well, we agree with it because this kind of bedroom has such a romantic touch and uniquely the windows have semicircular form. Wow, it is very amazing one. Let’s check it out!

By the way, this bedroom reminds us to the summer season so much. It has fresh and juicy colors, lots of green and light also a private terrace which become a place where people would like to wake up every morning. Then, the room of this peaceful bedroom is classified into spacious so that they are freely to use it every time they want.

Furthermore, the furniture which is unique is the five large windows. They have semicircular form which will make the people have a great interest and make the room more impressive. On the other hand, a double glazed door also decorates this calm bedroom which could give much light to the room.

The other things which surely support the beauty of this room are a big white iron bed with canopy and a lovely vintage dresser. Perfectly, they might give much more charm to the space. Besides, there are also a small reading corner, a comfortable armchair and a chic side table with a nice lamp.

If you want to watch the sunset and the sunrise, it can be done easily by going out to the terrace. You are able to enjoy the fresh air there. It is so romantic and wonderful, isn’t it? For the additional information, to make the room more sparkling, you are suggested to use attractive hanging lamps. Surely, it would light this room and a gorgeous atmosphere will be got.

To make this luxurious bedroom look more natural and comfortable, you could place some beautiful and colorful flowers in some vases which are put in a small table. So, you would feel enjoyable and pleasant.

14 Awesome Girlish Black Bedroom Designs

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Sometimes, there are some people state that black wall is only gothic or gloomy. Actually, it is not just like that. However, it can also be romantic. Besides romantic, it can create an exquisite and vintage atmosphere. So, for you who like black color to be set on your walls, do not be worried to not get attractiveness of it!

To get great girlish bedroom design idea with black walls, you can get inspired from the attractive design idea by Nina Holst. For adding another color of black, you can give the one which has contrast color. The possible one is white. If your walls are black, to make it contrast you can provide white floors.

Then for the bedding, it is suggested to be black and white. So, the atmosphere will be more attractive because of the beautifully combined contrast color in the room. Of course it will be stylish for the girls.

The girls are usually like the charm very much to appear in their bedroom. To get a charm, besides beautiful combined color look, this bedroom design lets the girls enjoy chic velvet pillow, cutie girly details or it is also possible to provide black and white cups. So, all of them will be able to make the room become charming for the girls.

To support the charm, the good thing that may be done is to hang the DIY wall art and pink flowers on the wall. Besides add the charm, it can also be able to make the room become more suitable for the girls because of the feminine look. Thus, it will be very sweet girl bedroom. for the summary, for you who like black but you do not want it to be gloomy at all, you can dilute black with light colors, such as white and maybe pink. So, it can avoid the dark look of the room.

11 Wonderful Fall Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Do you feel difficult to wake up in fall? If so, it is not a surprise. It can happen to anyone because in this season, the weather supports you to stay in bed, doesn’t it? You must often feel that you want to stay asleep when it is raining. With that experience, you should be able to provide something which may help you to get up without feeling lazy.

One of several ways that may stimulate you to get up easily is a cozy fall bedroom. Fall colors are very right to be applied on the walls of fall bedroom. The kinds of proper colors for fall are such as red, orange, green, and beige. Besides nice, those colors can be the cool ones that can be seen beautifully in the morning. Therefore, to use those colors for the walls are suggested in order to encourage you to get up from your bed.

Then, you need to know that the designers of this bedroom idea use fall patterns and warm materials to make the space look cozier. The warm materials used are such as wooden accessories, woolen bedspreads, and knitted pillow. The reason of choosing wooden accessories is because wood can make warmer atmosphere. So, the atmosphere can also feel cozier.

In addition, for getting a vintage fall look, you are not suggested to choose traditional autumn colors. However, you can find the lighter ones. So, the look can be more attractive. Furthermore, to make the space become fall-like, it possible to add fall plants and birch bark accessories. It can of course support the cozier look.

The last that you may do is to provide fall bedding and bedspreads. Those things will complete the beauty and make the perfectly cozy fall look. Thus, they are absolutely able to help you to get the atmosphere in which you can enjoy every morning from the time you wake up. So, it can present a pleasurable and cozy experience in the bedroom, can’t it?

10 Cool Cocoon Bedroom Designs

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Hello everyone! Do have any idea to separate the bedroom zone of yours? If so, you may get the reference from this writing. First of all, we will tell you some things related to that idea. You need to know that to make a romantic bedroom for yourself is very important.

Therefore, you can get the amazing bedroom concept by i29 Architects in which there is a cocoon cube with a bed inside and a shower at the back of the back. So, this concept will be very nice and romantic to be applied in your own bedroom. So, don’t miss that concept, will you?

In addition, that cocoon cube can be placed based on where you like. It can be put inside a bathroom or inside any other room you want. Of course it will simplify you to get the most comfortable look or atmosphere in the room. So, get it soon if you are interested in it!

Furthermore, there are some advantages of this kind of bedroom concept. The most special is it can be a perfect solution when you want to separate your bedroom zone but you do not have any space for it or you just have an open-space house. Thus, you can separate your bedroom zone easily to get more romantically beautiful look.

Another advantage, this bedroom concept allows you to jump right of the bed into a shower or a bathtub or vice versa. It will be very attractive, right? So, we can say that it is very practical for giving pleasure to the users. With this bedroom concept, you will also have a chance to enjoy the semitransparent dividers that can look romantic and lullabying.

Thus, the very relaxingly romantic ambiance of the room will be able to make your bedroom seem enjoyable every day when you decide to use this concept and apply it to your bedroom.

47 Feminine Bedroom Design Ideas

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Hello girls! Do you want to change your life? The answer must be “yes”. So, to make it happen, you can start it with the interior of the place in which you spend longer time in it. Let’s discuss it! Well, talking about girls, they must like some flowers because flowers can show the feminine impression.

The most appropriate season to enjoy flowers is spring. So, it can be concluded that spring is the most feminine time ever and with spring theme or flowers theme to decorate the bedroom, girls can have greatly romantic and tender bedroom in their life.

For girls, to have feminine bedroom is the best idea because it can present their characteristic. Then, they need to know that the most common styles for feminine bedroom are vintage, shabby chic, and also classical.

On the other hand, when they want to have the minimalism or zen, there will be many ways to make those kinds of style become feminine. So, it depends on them which style that is going to be chosen to be made femininely based on their taste. In addition, girls can support their bedroom with some other elements to get feminine look.

The elements which may be possibly used are bright splashes of color, floral patterns, gold or silver covers or beautiful fluent silhouettes. For color, there will not be always pink, red, or blue. But, they can get any color too from black and white to pearl grey. Thus, with all of those elements, the feminine look of the bedroom will be variously impressive for everyone who visits it.

For additional information, girls usually cannot be separated with accessories. Everywhere they go, there will be accessories they bring. So, to make perfect look of the room, they can provide some feminine accessories in their bedroom. Hence, the room will be more luxuriously feminine.