17 Playful Children Bedroom Design Ideas

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Good morning everyone! Welcome to the bedroom design ideas. By the way, what do you think about a lovely bedroom? Is it beautiful for you? Of course yes because we are sure that a lovely bedroom is what every child dreams of. Do you believe in it? Yea, you are as good parents need to know that children’s bedroom should be cool, nice and pleasant. Besides, you should provide their bedroom with a comfortable sleeping area and also as a study room for them. So, they of course will feel enjoyable and relaxed with it.

Then, in this article, we provide some lovely children bedroom designs which are designed using the furniture from Golf collection. The furniture of course has good quality because it is designed by the popular Italian company named Colombini. Thus, to go to that company for finding the suitable furniture for your children’s bedroom can be the right way for you.

In addition, there are three kinds of the Colombini collections in relation to the bedroom. The first is one that is better for girls. The second is one for boys. The third is universal one. All of the kinds of bedroom are nice for the users based on the characteristic. The room’s characteristic can be differentiated by the color theme whether the room is for girls, boys or universal. Thus, it is very nice to get inspired from this bedroom design idea and design the bedroom for your children based on what you need and your taste.

Furthermore, to have a perfect and happy place for your children, you should pay attention to the furniture. To make the atmosphere of the bedroom become relaxing, you can find the furniture with the bright and inviting colors, like light green, yellow, light blue and so on. However, you need to match the furniture colors with others so that the look will be neatly beautiful.

16 Stunning Classic Kids Bedroom Designs

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A classic impression is always nice. This impression can be pleasurable attaching on anything, includes bedroom. So, the classic bedroom can be the best solution to have a nice room for everyone. In this good opportunity, let us discuss about the classic bedroom design for children that is finished with Arcadia furniture. This design is suitable for boys and also girls. So, for you who need to have classic bedroom design to be presented for your children, to get inspired this idea can be one of the right way for you.

In addition, if we talk about Arcadia, we will also think about the Italian company. It is because Arcadia is one of the great companies in that country. This company often gives some inviting bedroom design ideas that can be inspiring for many people too. Thus, it is not a surprise if there are so many consumers that often visit that company.

Furthermore, to have a classic impression of the room, of course you need to put something classic in it, especially furniture. Furniture is the most necessary things that can support the characteristic of the room. So, by providing classic furniture, you have a possibility to get classic atmosphere of the room. With classic furniture, the room will also look sophisticated and elegant. Thus, it can be concluded that the furniture is one of the most important thing for decorating the room.

For additional information, in the classic bedroom for children, it will be better for you to put less storage cabinets and wardrobes. Thus, the children’s bedroom will still look good even the room is small. However, to get the beautifully good look, make sure that the room is bright. By being bright, the room will be relaxing and it is suitable to support the elegance of the room.

15 Awesome DIY Hanging Beds for Boys Bedroom

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Hello good readers! For you who have three boys in your house, it is good for you to provide the stylish one that can be used by them. In this case, you are suggested to use the room of cool DIY hanging beds. This kind of room design is inspired by Ana White. This room can be very nice for the boys because it can look good and is very practical in relation to the space saving. So, to get very interesting bedroom design in which there are provided hanging beds can be the best solution to give comfort to the boys.

In relation to the hanging beds, the room can also look unique because the beds are hanging from the walls with thick rope from metal hooks. Also, they are bolted or locked into the wall. So, the beds will be safe for the boys. In addition, the beds are supported with the bed lines from IKEA. So, they can add the beauty of the beds.

Furthermore, there are battery-powered LED lights which are installed by and close to the bed. In this time, the users can make the lights stay on or turn it off with the button. So, with the existences of the lights, it will add the attraction of the bedroom appearance. Thus, the nice sleep in the room will be got by the boys.

Then, with hanging beds, the room can be more attractive than the one with common beds. Besides, by designing the hanging beds in the room can also prove that to design a stylish and practical room do not always need a lot of money on furniture. So, are you interested in this idea? If so, just try to apply this idea in your house to give a special room for your boys.

14 Amazing Unusual Teenage Room Design Ideas

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Welcome back to the teenage room design ideas. If we talk about this design, all teenagers of course will be interested in it. Do you believe in it? It should be like that because you need to have the appropriate room that you want. In relation to the appropriate room for teenagers, Carre can be the best solution for them. It can be said that because Carre is a very good Spanish company that has so many years experience to produce great things for teenage room. It has over 60 years experience in serving the customers who need some teenage room products. So, don’t hesitate to visit this company.

In addition, in relation to this good company, you can find everything you need if you want to furnish a teenage room. Besides, there are so many advantages of visiting this company. One of them is you have a chance to get some ideas to furnish the room too. Also, when you want to have the products, you can have the information about them in detail. Thus, it lets you to know them first before you get it. so, it is good for you to identify the features.

Furthermore, you need to know that by getting the teenage room products from Carre, it will be good if you design the room in practical look. In the room, there will be possible to give some spaces for something important like working spaces, bookcases, wardrobes, shelving systems, and even different decorations. It is very attractive, isn’t it?

For additional information, besides it is very attractive, the room can be a lovely room for the teenagers as well. Other good aspect of the room that is supported with Carre’s products is about the elements of the room that can look great. Hence, it will be a functional space which has beautifully aesthetic interiors for the teenagers.

12 Amazing Teen Room Designs

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A few days ago, we have posted and shared to you a lot of cool teen room designs. Now, it is time for us to gather and make a roundup of all of those designs in order to make you easier to find them to be your inspiration in designing your rooms in your beautiful house. Before you know it in detail, it is better for you to know that there are some things which should you do before designing a teen bedroom. First of all, the room should reflect your teenager’s personality. Then, you need to have enough storage to put some useful even important things in order to keep them uncluttered.

Besides, you need to provide everything which is necessary to create a comfortable sleeping and studying so that you will have a relaxing ambience in your room. After that, if we talk about the design, it should show the bright colors because it could make you have a great spirit to do some activities in it. On the other hand, playful details and a decoration which is appropriate with your age also influence the design of this room. Thus, you are as a teenager would not mind to hang out or do your activities with your friends there.

For the additional information, if you are as a creative one, it is possible for you to use the standard furniture or even you can make it by yourself. So, it will be great for you and of course you will have a satisfaction. Trust us! Moreover, you are suggested to provide a teen room which is classified into the cozy and cool one. Also, it should be available in having multi function as possible as you can. By providing them, surely you are as a teenager will be pleasant and enjoyable with it.

Then, don’t forget for us to tell you the roundup of teen room ideas. They are cool teen room ideas, contemporary teen bedroom design ideas, cool ideas for pink girls’ bedrooms, thoughtful teenage bedroom layouts, minimalist teen bedroom décor ideas, cool youth bedroom designs by Huelsta and modern teen room designs by Pianca. All of them are amazing so that you are allowed to choose one of them which you like.