22 Cool Modular Hallway Furniture Sets

For starting this article, we want to ask you. Do you know Jannis Ellenberger? If you know, you must be familiar with the creations of her. For you who do not know her, we will tell you about her in relation to one of her creations. Today, we will tell you about hallway furniture set by her. So, if you like to use the furniture set of her, you need to pay attention to this explanation. Thus, you will understand the special quality and the advantages of using her set first if you need to get it.

In addition, you need to know about some names of her creation. One of them that interesting enough is Elli. It is a hallway furniture set that is also designed by her. The good feature of it that you need to know is that it is not as unusual as the washstand. However, it is rather different from others.

The main feature that differ it from others is in curvy shaped surfaces. It can be also said as modular set. After applying this hallway furniture set, you will be able to have features a bench, a shoe rack, a lacquered cabinet and a back panel in your hallway. So it will be great for decorating your hallway using this set in your house in order to look more charming and beautiful.

Furthermore, in this curved modular hallway furniture set, you are able to enjoy the plywood back panel. In this panel, it can offer slots for hooks and shelves. So, it is possible for you to put some important things in it. Thus, the hallway in your house can also be used as a space for multi-functioned environment. However, to keep it beautiful, you have to notice the cleanliness and the neatness of it. Try to always keep it clean and neat. So, it can be enjoyable for everybody, especially you while visiting or spending time in it.

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