26 Fascinating Home Theater Design with Curtains

In the previous explanation, we have discussed about cool home theater design ideas. Now, in this bright and beautiful day, we want to share about home theater but it has special characteristic which uses some curtains on every wall. Okay, here we go with the interesting discussion. Well, you need to know that the design of the dramatic home theater is a champion of Electronic House’s 2010 Home of the Year Awards in the “Home Theaters $25,000-$50,000” category. It is very amazing, right?

Besides, the design features of this room provide a lot of beautiful curtains which flow freely on every wall or even on the ceiling. They look very unique and elegant, don’t they? Then, those curtains are in contrast with light woodwork which highly presented in the room because of the dark red color. Furthermore, the curtains are also very adequately balance which perfectly reflect the woodwork in order to flat out the sound. Thus, an inviting ambience could be got in your home theater so that everyone who enters this room will feel comfortable and enjoyable.

Just for the additional information, it is better for you to know that all of the gear exists in a well-ventilated tool closet. It is located just outside of this home theater in order to save the sparkling look of the interior. So, we are sure that it will be a good and stylish room for you to be applied in your home theater creatively and pleasurable. That is why if you are very interested in this design just applies it to be yours.

Then, if we talk about the wall, you could design it using some interesting colors like white and cream. Hence, this room has a chic combination between the wall color and the curtains colors which usually use dark red or dark brown with stripping lines. As the conclusion, do not wait too long time to decorate your home theater using this design idea which is very luxurious.

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