3 Great Tips How to Cut Laminate Flooring with 15 Ideas

How to Cut Laminate Flooring is the biggest question when you want to install laminate flooring in your home. Cutting the laminate flooring is needed to match the flooring with the room. The laminate flooring is used because it has calm color that make the room looks relax and cozy. On the other hand, this kind of flooring is really appropriate to decorate the room in classic and rustic design. But it can also apply in modern style of the room to increase the smooth touch of the decoration.

1. Cutting the laminate flooring. In cutting the laminate flooring, you need saw, it can be a handsaw or a circular saw to create circle shapes. You will need a saw with at least 18 teeth per inch to avoid chipping of the laminate flooring. In this case, you can make a mark of the line to get perfect measurement. Besides, by using line mark, you will know where to cut. Use chalk to make the line because it is removable. When you start to cut, place the laminate facing right side up; so can cut it correctly. Be careful with it because it is easy to break.

2. How to install laminate flooring. The first step to install laminate flooring is preparing the floors. You can remove the existence carpet to face up the floor and baseboard. After that, you can clean it from debris, dirt and dust. It is done to get level surface of the floor. Make sure the floor is leveled correctly. Checking the levelness is needed to get perfect laminate flooring. Measure the room to get appraisal properly; so you know how many laminate flooring you need.

In installing laminate flooring, you need to install underlayment according to the manufacture’s sop. Then you lay the first piece of the laminate flooring to check how long the last piece will be. Cut the last piece if it is over. When you get all of them, it is time for you to assemble the laminate flooring. Continue the next step until the room full of laminate flooring. Finally, you can install the baseboard.

3. How to clean laminate floors. In cleaning the laminate floor, you have to find the correct way to do it. It is done to reduce the discoloring or staining your floors. In this case, you can sweep the floors frequently. It is useful to clear the surface from the dust and dirt. For spills, you can mop the floors with smooth cloth with hot water; if needed, you can add soap. Try to dry quickly to reduce humidity

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