30 Stunning Rustic Wood Kitchen Designs

Cool and simple kitchen sometimes become preferable or favorite because of the comfortable atmosphere to stay there. When you need this condition exists in your kitchen, you can have the good idea to actualize it. You can use the collaboration between deVOL kitchens and wood man Sebastian Cox. This collaboration can be the most suitable one for you considering the special quality that can be got from this collaboration to design the kitchen. So, you need to try if you really want to have the simple kitchen but it is cool enough to see and feel.

The advantage of this kind of kitchen design is about the characteristic. It can be said as a kitchen with rustic style. Besides, it is also natural kitchen because of lots of natural wood in décor. Then, it is very light-colored and almost rough too. Thus, this can be the very amazing design if this is used to design the room.

Furthermore, this design idea can also be said the calm and natural one. The reason is because all furniture, something on the floors, something on the ceiling is made of wood. Thus, the kitchen will give simple impression but will look so inviting. It is very cool and pleasurable, isn’t it? So, get this idea and try to apply this design to your lovely kitchen in your own house.

For additional information, if you want to get the cozier kitchen, this idea allows you to have whitewashed brick walls that can be perfectly combined with light-colored wood. Then, you can also have black cabinet to make great contrast to all the light wood. Moreover, it is good to complete the kitchen interior with antlers to make a hint on a woodland retreat. When it is done perfectly, of course you will have kitchen design in simplicity but it is so amazingly interesting for every visitor, especially you as the user.

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