31 Cool Japanese Inspired Feminine Bedroom Design

Hi ladies and gentlemen! How is life? Hope everything will be fine. Yea, welcome back to the discussion of bedroom design. In this case, it will be described especially just for feminine but it has Japanese style.

By the way, we have told you some Eastern fell bedrooms which are decorated with peaceful touches of zen. However, today we will tell you one more example of bedrooms with a calm and unique atmosphere. Do you feel anxious? How is this bedroom designed? Okay, here we go.

Well, beautiful golden background wallpaper with white flower pattern decorates this chic bedroom. Surely, it creates a nice and great combination with the soft color palette in textiles.

Then, getting the success to beautify this room is in the rug which perfectly reminds the traditional Japanese tatamis and also bamboo wooden. On the other hand, a discreet use of some elegant accessories and furniture could help to make a zen arrangement inside the space design in order to rest the owners’ body and mind.

Now, you have got a stylish feminine bedroom which is completed with a tender color scheme. Moreover, to make this room more charming and amazing, they are able to add luxurious transparent long white curtain around the soft bed.

For the additional information, related to this feminine bedroom, of course there is a classical mirror. Actually there are many forms of mirror but in this room there is a small circle one.

Then, near that furniture, a light brown wooden chair is able to be place there. To make it complete and perfect, there is also a small wooden table which is usually used to put an interesting big earthenware jug. It will look more beautiful if the owners of this bedroom put some small pink flowers which decorate the room so that the amazing atmosphere will be got.

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