4 Tips and 35 Ideas to Decorate Interior with Shag Rugs IKEA

Shag Rugs IKEA can used to create the classic and elegant look for your home decoration. It the decoration feels in the country. On the other hand, shag rugs make the room special and unusual. This kind of rug is really appropriate for rustic style of home. In the modern home, shag rugs give warm touches in any spaces. If you decide to use the shag rugs, we have some suggestions of the IKEA rugs that you can use to complete your decoration.

1. Round Rugs IKEA. Like the name, it has round shape. They are usually designed for indoor. This kind of rugs can be placed in the living room. For motif and pattern, you can choose the appropriate one. It is because IKEA has many styles of round rugs. Therefore, choosing the right motif and pattern can influence the room decoration look. You can choose a single big shag rug as your living room or use some small ones to create the unique pattern of the rugs placement.

2. Outdoor Rugs IKEA. IKEA also provides the outdoor rugs that can be used in the backyard and porch. This kind of rug is designed with qualified materials. All of them are weathered; it will be durable and long lasting. People use IKEA outdoor rugs to make the sitting are looks great because they believe that IKEA rugs can give elegant impression. You can decorate the sitting are with IKEA round rugs or other shape combined with wicker chairs or Oak chairs. They are good combination to create modern space of the outdoor.

3. IKEA Cowhide Rug. This is one of the beautiful IKEA rugs that will make your home more elegant and luxurious. The material of this rug is cowhide that has smooth surface of furs. As we know, some cowhides have dark colors that make the rugs look elegant. Moreover, the pattern of the cowhide creates beautiful touch to the rugs. It is good idea to use IKEA Cowhide Rug as one of decorations part. It will create country impression to the rustic home and luxurious look for modern design.

4. IKEA Sheepskin Rug. When you think about IKEA Sheepskin Rug, we believe you think about smooth and warm furs. This kind of the rug is really appropriate to be placed in the private area. You can use in your bedroom, family room and even in the reading area. By using sheepskin rug, you will get warm ambience in your activities. Besides, the white color of the rug makes the room brighter and cozy. You can find this beautiful decoration in IKEA Rugs.

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