4 Tips How to Clean Bamboo Floors with 33 Decor Ideas

How to Clean Bamboo Floors? Many people often ask about it. It is because there are special treatments of cleaning bamboo floors. Some people argued that the bamboo flooring is the beautiful floor that can make the home look cozy, calm and rustic, while the others have own point of views about it. They said the bamboo floors are easy to break and not weathered. On the other hand, bamboo flooring pros and cons do not make people did not use it as a part of their home decoration. And now, we will tell you how clean your bamboo flooring.

1. Remove dirt and dust. In bamboo hardwood flooring, there are always dirt and dust; therefore, it should be cleaned up. The dirt on the floor perhaps takes away the shine of the surface. You have to clean up frequently to get beautiful floor in your home. In this case, you can sweep the floor when you see the dirt and dust on it. Sweeping the floor frequently will make it always look clean and cozy.

2. Mop the floor. It can be good idea to get clean of bamboo wood flooring. You can use hot water and detergent to mop the floor. The water is used to make the dirt and dust easy to remove. If there is hard dirt, like sugar, ice cream, coffee and others, hot water with detergent makes the easy cleaning. After using hot water, you can use clean water to make sure there is no detergent on it. Change the water frequently to get perfect floor cleaning.

3. Use a cloth to clean up spills. It is good for you to use cloth as the cleaning tool. As we know that cloth is usually in smooth surface; so it does not break the floor, especially bamboo laminate flooring. Besides, the cloth can make the floor dry quickly. It is simple thing that you can use to dry the floor. You can also use other dry cloth to make sure your bamboo flooring dry properly.

4. Polish away any streaks. It is impossible to keep the floor good without any streaks. If it is done to your bamboo flooring, you can use smooth sandpaper and polish it with the new layer. In this case, you can use varnish or other polish furniture so that your floor still looks great. And for the last are you have to take steps to prevent discoloring of your floor. If you can do it properly, you will have cozy and beautiful bamboo flooring.

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