4 Tips How to Clean Marble Floors with 35 Ideas

How to Clean Marble Floors are the ways to get clean marble floor in the home. Clean flooring will make everyone in the home feels fresh and enthusiast to do everything. If you apply marble floors in your home, you have to clean up it properly and frequently. It is because marble is a something porous and soft stone that need to clean with care. Therefore, in this good moment, we will share you the way to clean marble floors. They can be good idea for you who want to get beautiful look of the home.

1. Mopping your marble floors. To mop this kind of flooring, you will need hot water. It is used to remove any dirt, dust and spills on the floors. It is simple way to clean up the floor. If you need more, you can add the detergent to your water. It will help you to clean the marble floor. You can also add distilled water can be used to remove the minerals and other impurities. Besides, distilled water reduces the chance of staining or discoloring your marble.

2. Use a soft mop. You can take the soft mop to clean your marble floor. The soft mop head will reduce the scrap of the marble floor surface that makes the floor does not look eye-catching. Rinse and wring the mop frequently to get perfect cleaning. You can rinse and wring the mop after cleaning 10 to 20 square feet or depending on how dirty of your floor. Do not let it dirt in wore look because it will not make your floor clean but more dirty. After that, you can mop the floor with clean water. It is done to pick up any dirt or debris that remains on the floor.

3. Change the water frequently. It is important to change the water because it will influence how well you clean the floor. If you do not do it, your beautiful marble floor tile could be scratched or become streaky by debris in the water. You can see the color of the water. If it is appears to brown, you have to dump it. Change with the clean one. It is very suggested to add soap if you want.

4. Use soft towel to dry. Soft towel will help to dry the floor quickly. It is important to dry it because the marble flooring porous. Therefore, it needs to be cared in cleaning the floor with cleaning solution. It is done to keep the floor good and cozy. You can maintenance as much as possible the floor. Switch out the towel as needed to get perfect drying marble flooring process.

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