4 Tips How to Install Pergo Flooring with 21 Ideas

How to Install Pergo Flooring is even asked by people who want to install Pergo flooring in their home. This kind of flooring is a brand that is easy to construct and durable to use. On the other hand, Pergo flooring can be used to create fresh and calm look of your home. It is because Pergo flooring can be used to decorate any room in your home, over concrete or wood sub floor. But in this time, we will discuss about installing Pergo over the wood. Let’s check this out.

1. Prepare the floor. In this case, you have to clean up any debris, dirt and dust. It is done to make sure the surface is perfectly clean from anything. You can sweep the floor first to remove the dirt and dust. After that, you can mop the floor to make sure there is no debris there. Do not forget to level the sub floor with carpenter’s level to get beautiful Pergo flooring in your home.

2. Install the vapor barrier. This vapor barrier is installed whether you are installing the wood or concrete floors to concern about the moisture. It will help you to keep the moister from going into fiberboard, which causing warp to the Pergo floors. Make sure you level the vapor barrier properly to get perfect construction. You can find it in flooring section of the home repair store.

3. Pick a corner to star the Pergo. The corner is perfect place to start your project. You can start from the back left corner and work toward the door. It is because if you start from the middle of the room, you will have to cut when you get the edge. Therefore, you have to measure the room first before start the project to get perfect pattern of your awesome Pergo laminate flooring. After it is done, you can continue the row.

4. Start the next row. To get the beautiful pattern of the row, you can cut the planks half of the first one. Start the next row with it and then the full length for the third. Continue the rotating planks across the room. In the end of the edges, cut them into the same length. If you do it properly, you will get an awesome and beautiful pattern of the Pergo flooring. Finally, you will get beautiful decoration of the Pergo flooring in your home.

After we know the installation, you will need the way of how to clean Pergo floors. You can use the use broom to sweep the dust, cloth to clean up spills and even mop to make sure the surface of the floor is cleaned properly. Therefore, you will need hot water and detergent to make your floor cleaning perfect. Do not use liquid cleaner because it can make your Pergo flooring surface is abraded.

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