5 Great Tips How to Make a T Shirt Quilt with 20 Ideas

How to Make a T shirt Quilt is a question that will give directions to create new decoration in your home. It is DIY things that you can do in your spare time or weekend. In this case, we will use T shirt to get unique quilt. You can use the T shirts that are not used anymore. Perhaps, when you see or hear this question, you can imagine anything. Therefore, in this great moment, we will share you How to Make at shirt Quilt. Here we go!

1. Sort your T shirts. You have to sort your T shirts that want to be the materials of the quilt. Try to choose the T shirts you have not worn. You can sort them by the color or design. Determining how many T shirts you want to use is important; it is depending on the size of your quilt. Cut them in 14 x 14 inch or more as the materials. You can take the common blanket to measure the size.

2. Evaluate your collection and choose the pattern. The collection consists of many colors and theme. Therefore, you have to evaluate them so that you will get the combination material you want. Same color and theme even more appropriate to be a quilt, but if you want to create the unique one, combine more than two colors is good idea. For the pattern, you can choose the 45 degree block turn, 22.5 degree turn or window block. They are perfect patterns for your quilt.

3. Launder all the T shirts. After you evaluate your collection, you should launder them to get clean and soft fabric – Use softener and antistatic sheets are suggested. After they dried, try to iron them. Lay the T shirt on the flat board to ironing process. If there is design or picture on the shirts are melting, you can leave them and change with the new one. it is done to get the best material for your quilt.

4. Determine the part of the shirt you want to use. Choose the part of the T shirt and cut them in the square space. You can use the template to make you easy to cut. Allow a half inch of seam allowance all around. If it is done, repeat the ironing process to stabilize the t shirt panels. After you get all of them, it is time for you to continue for the next step. Make sure you do all them step above correctly to get the best panels.

5. Sew the panels. After you have done with panels. It is time for you to sew the panels into the quilt. In sewing the panels together, you can sew in columns or rows. Check the panels sewing weather they have adhered properly or not. If you do all of them correctly, your quilt will work well. Those kinds of the steps are really appropriate for you of How to Make T shirt Quilt for Beginners.

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