5 Tips and 25 Ideas to Choose Cheap Loft Beds for Kids

Cheap Loft Beds for Kids are the best solutions for you that have little budget but want to make your kids room cozy and fun. Using this kind of bed is creative idea to maximize the size of the room. By applying this bed, you can design your kids’ room with any furniture and space needed. We will give you some tips to make the kids get anything they want using loft beds and of course in low cost but not cheap look.

1. Slide. Some people argue that slide is useless because it will make the room narrow. But there are some creative ideas to get space from this hardware. In this case, you can make the slide board on the loft bed. It is used if your kids want to slide after wake up. Under the slide, you can build storage shelves. They can be used to put toys, books, school appliances, or even accessories.

2. Shelves stairs. This hardware has double functions. The first one is as stairs, and the second one as shelves. This is one of the examples of Full Size Loft Bed with Stairs. Your kids’ loft bed will look great with these shelves. The toys can be place in the shelves so that the room looks neat and cool. Do not forget to build the handle stairs to make sure your kids do not fall down when they are going to sleep. To make it fun, you can use cartoon character sticker to cover the shelves.

3. Study area. Study area is really important to the kids. It is usually used as the place to do some homework. If you use a single desk in the room, it will need more space. Therefore, to the room simple and has study area, you can build the study area under the loft bed. Place pair of min sofa and table under the bed and you will get study area. Hang industrial lighting to give cool impression of the area.

4. Mini play house. This kind of loft bed is really fun for your kids. You can build Full Size Loft Bed Frame to give your kids their world. You have to decide the theme of the mini play house to determine the appropriate frame. After that, you can fill with some kid sized furniture there. Make sure the loft bed must have cozy and fun properties so that your kids will stay long to spend their time.

5. Dresser. Loft Bed with Dresser Underneath perhaps the best idea for your kids. It provides much space for storage. As we know, kids have many things to be stored. Therefore, this furniture will help you to make the kids’ room looks great and fun. The dresser not only can be used as the clothes storage but also for their toys. Some kids have many toys than the clothes.

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