19 Interesting Basement Bedroom Designs

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Hello guys! Long time no see. Okay, we would ask you, what do you think about a basement? Do you have any idea? Well, many people usually have a thought that a basement is a place which is dark and it can become a men’s den, not a teen’s bedroom. By the way, in relation to a basement, there is a professional and creative interior designer named Annie Selke who designs a basement to be a very bright and colorful also teen friendly bedroom. It sounds attractive and wonderful, doesn’t it? So, get inspired from it.

First of all, you need to know that this kind of bedroom design which has a basement, the bedroom has a large space that becomes like a mini studio apartment instead of other room in the house. Then, perfectly, a lot of dirt is moved away from the foundation of this bedroom also the windows are cut out. Besides, a lot of natural light come into this bedroom so that it makes the room look very bright. Thus, it is not dark at all because of the natural light.

For the additional information, if we talk about the furniture, this kind of bedroom design uses a lot of different bright furniture pieces. Then, it also adds the beautiful wall decorations which could create an amazing and a chic atmosphere in it. Besides, the combination between those bright furniture and the wall decorations make the basement look so colorful and cause a good looking due to the well arranged and organized of the room.

Moreover, for the bed, it usually uses the luxury bed which applies the line patterns motive. It of course make this room becomes very elegant to be seen. Don’t forget for the wall, the beautiful and interesting painting of the red and white flowers, the red fruit, the green leaves also some unique lines decorate the pink wall. It is really gorgeous and awesome you know. Just prove it and enjoy living in this cozy place to create a comfortable environment!

12 Cool Unusual Bookcase Bedroom in Japan

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Hello guys! What do you know about Japan? In relation to that country, most people may think that Japan is a nice place and a developing country which contains great technologies surrounds it. On the other hand, there are some other attractive things which you need to know, like a bedroom design.

For you who are confused to decide the interesting bedroom design to be applied in your bedroom, some bedroom designs from Japan may be useful to help you to make the bedroom look more attractive. So, don’t wait too long to get inspired with this design.

One of the most unique bedroom look which may be cool reference for you is bookcase bedroom. This bedroom design is right for you who do not have enough space for separating the book place and the bed. It can be a perfect solution for those who just have a bed in the bedroom.

So, the small room can be used maximally because this bedroom design idea offers the good and neat look in which the bed is surrounded by the creative book place that is also full of book. We can say that it is very creative and effective, isn’t it? So, it is time for you to try.

To make this bedroom design can also be said as making Uroko house. It can be so because it will be useful for avoiding being less space to place bed zone and the bookcase. With this design, you will also be able to enjoy the look that is like a very nice work. This can happen due to the appearance outside of the bedroom that looks so artistic. Thus, for you who have small space for bedroom which also simplify you to place the books in it, it is greatly suggested for

11 Awesome Colorful Bedroom Designs by Huelsta

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Hi nice people! You need to know that color is one of the most important things to support the beauty of the room. If you want to have beautiful bedroom, it seems that you need to make it colorful because the colorful room can produce impressive and inviting atmosphere. So, just color your room to give more enjoyment for you.

In addition, you need to know that bedroom can be a place in which you spend third part of your life. That is why it is very important to gather some design ideas to beautify the look of the room. In relation to the colorful bedroom design, you may choose the great furniture to make it completely attractive. In Germany, you can find the manufacturer which especially makes the great furniture for bedrooms. This Germany manufacturer also has awesome ideas for bedroom layouts. Do you need to know the name of the manufacturer? If so, we will tell you that the name is Huelsta.

Talking about Huelsta, we will also discuss about the special quality of the creation. This manufacturer usually provides the clear and straightforward design supported with attractive surface. That design let you select individually and give an ability to create beautiful bedroom. Thus, you are free to choose the design that you like and based on your taste.

Furthermore, there are many collections of Huelsta that can create unlimited amount ideas. So, it can be said that there are variously beautiful choice of the collections which are available. The collections include bold and colorful furniture. If we talk about colorful furniture, we will suggest you to find the nice and calm color.

With those kinds of color, the atmosphere of the room will allow you to have relaxation every time you spend time in it. So, to get a colorful bedroom look, putting the colorful furniture can be one of the best ways to make it happen.

14 Stunning Classic Bedrooms Designs by Maura Taft

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First of all, before listening to our interesting discussion, we want to introduce a professional designer of bedroom which is usually called Maura Taft. In this case, she could create such bedroom which is designed by having warm atmosphere and uniquely with old-school style. She creates it because she wants to provide a bedroom with a new and modern design so that luckily for people who like this kind of bedroom. Of course, it would be their good inspiration to decorate their own bedroom imaginatively.

Related to the designs, this kind of sleeping room is classified into the minimalist one with a stylish model. Even though like that, it still looks more impressive and elegant to be a right place for having a nice sleeping. Then, the most important thing in this room is the combination of warm colors, many old-school pieces of some furniture and also attractive lighting effects create this bedroom so pleasant, enjoyable and of course awesome to be placed by everyone, especially the owners.

For the additional information, Maura Taft focuses on personal interiors which show clients personal style. Thus, to make it comes true, there are some elements which completely support and could be functioned to beautify this room. First, it is decorated with a brown luxury curtain which is placed in some big windows. Besides, in order to get a match touch, you are able to design the wall using light brown color. It is really gorgeous, isn’t it?

On the other hand, for the bed, it will be better to use a luxury soft one because it perfectly adds a wonderful atmosphere in this room. Furthermore, there are also some nice souvenirs and some fragrant flowers on a small storage near the bed. Yeah, it is about the warm bedroom design and the amazing furniture in it. If most of you like and want this design, just imitate it! Please decorate your own bedroom as creative as you want by paying attention those great ideas above!

10 Amazing Low Pad Bed Designs by Peter Maly

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In this nice opportunity, let us tell you the good bed manufacturer that you may need to go there. To get a new and beautiful collection about it, you can find it from Swiss-based bed manufacturer Superba. It is very cool for you because the bed is originated from the drawings of successful Germany furniture. The name of the designer is Peter Maly. So, don’t wait too long to get it because it is able to be worth furniture for your bedroom.

This kind of furniture was ever presented at IMM Cologne in 2009. By ever being presented there, it is guaranteed that the quality of that kind of furniture is good enough. Then, you need to know that the concept of the bed lacks any sharp corners. On the other hand, it can still be cool for the appearance of the bed. Even, the bed without sharp corners will be right for you because it can avoid you from getting hurt by it.

Furthermore, you can have the great creation of Peter Maly in relation to the bed. He has made the bed in the low pad bed a cheerful pop revival. The bed can be said as having the cheerful look because it is completed with some fresh colors on it. It is also supported with flat headboard that the broad expanse of it is broken up by several light windows. Thus, with the existence of Peter Maly’s creation, of course the atmosphere of the bedroom will be more inviting to visit.

Moreover, the special quality of this kind of good furniture is about the nightstand. It can change or become a small, retro sculpture. It is of course able to create an amazing look around the bed, isn’t it? So, if you think that it is attractive enough for you and you are interested in this kind of great and good furniture, you may find it and get home.