27 Cool Corner TV Stand IKEA Designs and 3 Decoration Tips

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Corner TV Stand IKEA will give you beautiful decoration in your home. The TV stand makes the decoration looks awesome and great. This is fantastic furniture that you can use to get modern impression of your home decoration. As we know, IKEA is a popular brand that provides many kinds of furniture. All of them are constructed in the best materials and also durable. Therefore, we will give you some suggestions of the IKEA.

1. IKEA Hemnes TV Stand. This is beautiful TV stand that will appropriate in your family room and bedroom. The TV stand is designed in low size with drawers. It is done to put the TV so that you can watch TV in perfect angel. Besides, the design is really elegant. You can place the video player under the TV and discs in the drawers. The drawers also can be used to place the magazines, books and other things. You can choose dark or light color to combine with other decorations.

2. IKEA Standing Desk. This is another IKEA product that will give you modern experience in decorating the room. You can use it as the TV stand or even working table. IKEA Standing Desks are produced in many shapes, styles, and sizes based on your needed. Besides, it is simple design that makes the decoration in good looking. This hardware is not only designed for small space but also the bigger room. On the other hand, this fantastic furniture is god to put the personal computer.

3. Hall Tree IKEA. This kind of IKEA product has multi-function. It because the product can be used as corner TV stand and hanging coats. Generally, Hall Tree IKEA has tall design. Some of them have drawers on the top and the bellow. In the middle of the furniture, there is space to put the TV. The best part of this furniture is there are lightings under the top drawers. They create elegant effect to the furniture and surrounding.

Those are some IKEA products that you can use as the decoration furniture in your home. You can choose the style and design; so it makes your home decoration perfect and luxurious. Choose the right color of the IKEA corner TV stand to maximize the looks. Do not use the big one when your space is limited. You can also combine with other IKEA furniture if you want to create beautiful atmosphere in your home.

30 Excellent Weathered Oak Dresser Design Ideas

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Weathered Oak Dresser is one of the beautiful dressers that you can use ad the furniture or decoration. It has awesome look because its color and wood. The dark color is even used to this kind of the dresser. It shows the elegant look of the furniture that makes the decoration look great. You can place this furniture in any room in your home. Besides, it will be awesome decoration to give classic touch or rustic style. On the other hand, this kind of hardware is weathered; therefore, it will be long lasting.

When you decide to use this dresser in your home decoration, the first great idea is placing it in your bedroom. In this room, you can use it as your clothes storage space. It not only gives extra space for your storage but also create elegant ambience. Moreover, when you place it in the master bedroom, you will get perfect decoration with dark touch. For the style, you can choose the big one if you have large space in your home, but if it is not; you can take the small one with the unique design.

This beautiful hardware also can be used in the loft. You can choose the Loft Bed with Dresser Underneath to give more storage space there. It is good idea for loft decoration because this space is usually tight. You can put many things there, especially the clothes. But if you need more space to store your book, this bed can be good idea. Choose the light color of the hardware to give big impression to the loft.

Oak dresser also will be appropriate to the family room. You can choose the appropriate one by looking the design of the decoration or even the size of the room. Dressers at Target are the best ideas to make your family room decoration look comfortable and fantastic. It is because they have many kinds of model, design and style that can match with your room. They are provided in many size and price. If you have little budget, you can choose the low cost of the dressers.

The other good idea of using oak dresser to room decoration is for kids’ room. The kids’ room can be decorated in beautiful look using this kind of hardware. Therefore, Bobs Dressers may take the first idea that can realize what the kids want. This band has many dressers that will math with the kids’ character. Most of them are calm and relaxing. by using this dresser, hopefully the kids will stay long in their room to do some activities.

How to Refinish a Dresser

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How to Refinish a Dresser is one of many questions that are often asked by people. Most of them did not know or may be confuse how to renew their dresser. Therefore, they try to find out it to make their dresser look new. Based on the question above, we will give you some information about how to make your dresser in good look, and after refinish, nobody will not know that the dresser is your old furniture. There are some steps that you can do to get beautiful dresser. There are:

1. Sanding. The old dresser may look worse or even broken. Therefore, the first thing that you have to do is sanding the surface. The purpose of this step is to break up the paint, varnish, and for Dresser as Changing Table perhaps there is a stain, wax, shellac or something else. In this case, you have to choose the right method so that the sanding process will be done correctly. To remove the paint, you can use sandpaper or even a power sander to make the work quicker. Make sure the whole surface have been sanded before do the next step.

2. Repairing. Some old dresser even broken or there is thing that lost from it. Therefore, to get perfect looks, it should be repaired first. You can remove all the drawers that repair any part that is broken. If there is a part that should be changed, please change with the new one. it is done to get perfect refinish of your dresser. You can do this step in your garage or your backyard so that you get large space to put the drawers.

3. Finishing. In this step, you have to decide how will refinish your old dresser. It fun activities because you can choose any new paintwork you want. You can look at Costco Dresser as your reference. It can be good reference that can make your dresser looks awesome. There are some suggestions to work with your dresser, like spray painting, make some patterns, create the new design, or even combining the color.

All steps will give you the new dresser look and can be used as your home decoration. After you do all those step, you can give the smooth touch to your dresser by using varnish or clear paint. Those are the ways to refinish your old dresser in new look. Make sure you do the steps correctly. It is because every step will influence the result. When it is done, I am sure your will be like Dressers at Walmart.

26 Inspiring Hall Furniture Designs by Hulsta

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Welcome back to the hall furniture. In this good chance, let us to tell you about the hall furniture which are designed by Hulsta. Okay, in relation to that, when we have a thought about designing an apartment, we are better to pay attention to the hallway. Why it can be like that? Well, we should not forget that it is the beginning of a space and of course it must not be worse than the others part.

By the way, you need to know that the hall furniture of Tameta collection which is designed by Hulsta is a very attractive and simple option to decorate a hallway. As we know that this collection provides us some beautiful wall shelves, a unique mirror and also several interesting cabinets. Then, that collection from Tameta looks quite compact and completely it presents lots space for a useful storage.

For the additional information, the furniture of this collection is provided in some different colors and finishes. Thus, you are able to find the unit of the elements which absolutely fits and suitable with the interior design. Moreover, in this kind of the hall furniture, there is a combination of colors between black and white also the second one is the traditional wooden styles. Even though, don’t worry about it because it still looks chic and luxurious.

Furthermore, to create an inviting environment, you are suggested to use a storage which is classified into the colorful one if you design the wall using white color. Hence, this room will not look monotonous because of the color. If you take that advice, the room of course will have an amazing combination of the colors. As the conclusion, don’t have a doubt to decorate your hall furniture using those ideas above in order to get an elegant atmosphere in this room.

22 Cool Modular Hallway Furniture Sets

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For starting this article, we want to ask you. Do you know Jannis Ellenberger? If you know, you must be familiar with the creations of her. For you who do not know her, we will tell you about her in relation to one of her creations. Today, we will tell you about hallway furniture set by her. So, if you like to use the furniture set of her, you need to pay attention to this explanation. Thus, you will understand the special quality and the advantages of using her set first if you need to get it.

In addition, you need to know about some names of her creation. One of them that interesting enough is Elli. It is a hallway furniture set that is also designed by her. The good feature of it that you need to know is that it is not as unusual as the washstand. However, it is rather different from others.

The main feature that differ it from others is in curvy shaped surfaces. It can be also said as modular set. After applying this hallway furniture set, you will be able to have features a bench, a shoe rack, a lacquered cabinet and a back panel in your hallway. So it will be great for decorating your hallway using this set in your house in order to look more charming and beautiful.

Furthermore, in this curved modular hallway furniture set, you are able to enjoy the plywood back panel. In this panel, it can offer slots for hooks and shelves. So, it is possible for you to put some important things in it. Thus, the hallway in your house can also be used as a space for multi-functioned environment. However, to keep it beautiful, you have to notice the cleanliness and the neatness of it. Try to always keep it clean and neat. So, it can be enjoyable for everybody, especially you while visiting or spending time in it.