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The End is Near
« on: October 25, 2011, 10:08:41 AM »
Hey guys, got some bad news. The person who owns the KEFI site says he's closing it down some time in December.

What this means per project:
Piano no Mori
Since I don't really have any options to take it someplace else; along with staff continuously bailing on me, and its never ending status wearing my motivation down... I've decided to stop working on it. Hopefully some other good group takes over (or it gets licensed), because I still like reading it and it deserves the best. I'll probably do a final release in the coming weeks, containing the end of volume 9, and the first chapter of volume 10 which was the last one I did any work on. We still have raws for the remaining chapters of volume 10, so if someone wants them just reply to this topic and tell us what group you're from and if you have any concrete plans (and staff) to work on this manga.

The World Is Mine
Gantz_Waitingroom are planning to do the last 4 volumes.

I'll just continue working on it, and releasing it with Gantz_Waitingroom.

Go Go! Pudding Empire
I'm transferring this bad boy to Mangascreener, where I'll soon do a re-release of the entire first volume (including the yet to be released chapters 26-34).
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The Latest European fashion..!!
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2013, 10:32:59 PM »
Receiving NFL Jerseys become a fan

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Finding One-of-a-kind Nfl Jerseys For Your Interest
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Essential Football Gear For Safety

So that you can excel in football game, players will have to have a devoted strategy for safety as well as need to perform hard. Good preparation is often among the keys to be success and make a better player. Thus, training, listening to coaches and equipped with football accessories for security are seriously needed.

 Right here is listed some equipment regarded as essential. The equipment in a protected manner will guard the player too as enable the player to play having a greater degree of confidence and intensity. They vary in numerous sizes and types.

 Very St. Louis Rams #448 Eric Dickerson White Mitchell&Ness Throwback Jersey  first, helmets would be the must for American football. St. Louis Rams #3764 Eric Dickerson White Mitchell&Ness Throwback Jersey  They are able to safeguard your head at these unsafe moments like collision. Lineman must put on helmets with added caging to prevent opposing player from reaching their fists in to the face mask, while most players wear helmets with open helmet for superior vision across the football field.

 Shoulder pads, which could be probably the most identifiable inside the game of football, are necessary in different sizes based on the position. Lineman and linebackers have a tendency to put on bigger shoulder pads with neck rolls. The defensive backs and wide receivers tend to put on smaller sized should pads. As well as the quarterbacks?shoulder pads ought to protect the quarterback from all angels, specially when he's hit from his blindside.

 Then so that you can protect the quadriceps and hip locations, most football player ought to put on thigh and hip pads. Also skilled players can opt for whether or not or not put on these items based on their positions.

 Acceptable football shoes can genuinely make a player play superior. Having said that, the high quality matters. There are many distinct hoe heights to choose from, including the St. Louis Rams #2792 Eric Dickerson White Mitchell&Ness Throwback Jersey  low, three-quarters, and higher versions. And also the length of your actual cleat around the bottom of the shoe could also differ by the position. The longer cleats will give lineman the leverage against the opposing player. The shorter cleats will let the wide receivers and defensive backs to make rapid movements with speed. Moreover, the condition from the grass or turf would also be one huge element to establish the cleat size. Normally players will lengthen their cleats to gain extra traction.

 Despite the fact that football gloves are often optional, the wide receiver or the defensive back usually put on gloves to acquire a much better grip. And lineman will have to wear padded gloves to protect their fingers from damages in the combat inside the trenches too.

 These crucial football equipments are usually seen within the football game. Definitely it can be definitely important to equip with all these vital accessories for safety in the football game. Whether you are new or sophisticated in football game, safety ought to generally be the very first.

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ugg boots cheap zte87
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