25 Cool Kids Loft Double Beds by TumideiSPA

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Hi good parents! When you have more than one kid and just have small space for making a bedroom, don’t worry because you can get the great solution after visiting Tumidei. When you do not have a lot of space, creating stylish and modern loft bedroom layouts can be the perfect choice for you, especially who have two kids. Thus, you do not need to enlarge the space to provide comfortable room for the kids. You can just design the small room stylishly with modern loft bedroom layouts from Tumidei easily.

Talking about modern loft bedroom layouts, they of course can optimize space so much. This condition surely allows the kids to still have place for their study desks and place to play with each other and friends. Then for the beds, the good idea to reduce the use of the space in the room, it is suggested for you to provide double beds that is close to each other. So, it can be an effective spot or area just for sleeping and having a rest. Thus, other space can be used for other activities by the children to keep them cheerful during staying in the room, such as studying, playing and so on.

Furthermore, for some other furniture that can be used for storage, you are suggested to give the minimalist one because it will not take so much space. Then, make sure that the storage is simple but functional. Thus, the room will look so well-decorated. Besides, do not let the room be messy or dirty. When it happens, it will bother the comfort of the kids to do some activity in the room. So, it is your job as parents to always keep the room clean and neat so that the impressive look of the room can always be enjoyed by the kids.

31 Stunning Black Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Black is a strong color that is loved by some people because of the great characteristic of it. In relation to that case, this kind of color will be very great if it is set to the kitchen. So, the color of the kitchen will be more unique if the dominant color of it is black. Talking about black kitchen, it can be a practical solution for every home, especially a modern home. It can also be said to be stylish beyond words and it can handle lots of traffic and cooking. It sounds great, doesn’t it? So, make your kitchen in black if you need to have unique look in your modern home.

The black kitchen can be said as unique one because people commonly never use that kind of color in the kitchen. Because the color is still rarely used for kitchen, it will be very striking if you dare to use it. So, if you do not feel afraid of darker color schemes that is dominantly black color exists in your kitchen, it means that you are on the right way for getting practical solution in deciding good choice for the modern house.

Furthermore, the look of the interior will so monotonous if the color of whole room is black. So, you need to give a little different color to make contrast. For instance, you can decide to put black cabinets and kitchen islands in black. However, don’t do it for the walls, floors and ceiling because it will give bad look. So, for them, it will be better to be made and provided in white. It can be used for having beautiful and suitable contrast with black. Thus, with the look of the dominantly black interior and supported with white, the room will be very amazingly striking for anyone who visits it.

20 Cool Modern Kids Bedrooms by Arredissima

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Hi everyone! Is it your time having kids? If so, it is your job to provide a nice bedroom for them. In this case, it is good for you to get ideas in designing the modern bedroom from Arredissima. In this company, there are provided combination of bright colors and clean lines in the kids’ bedroom. It is also supported with the existence of sign of modern design. Thus, the kids’ bedroom will be able to give enjoyment for your kids while they are visiting it or even spending time in it.

In addition, Arredissima also implement that modern design for their kids’ bedrooms. This company usually offers the bright colors of the bedroom so that the colors can make the room look fun and warm. It is very suitable for the kids to have relaxation. In relation to the relaxing bedroom, it will of course be great or kid growth.
Then, you need to know Arredissima also makes the bedrooms of the kids become functional. It means that this company offers the users to have a lot of storage space in the bedroom. So, the bedroom design from Arredissima will be a comfortable place for kids. It is very interesting for you, isn’t it?

In relation to the functional room for making some storage spaces, you can have some furniture like drawers, wardrobes and shelves that can utilize as much space as possible to provide storages. However, the room can still be used for playing because of the use of smart storage systems. The systems can save some living spaces that can of course be used to play by the kids. So, with the existence of them, the kids will have a pleasing atmosphere of the room and can be prevented from being bored because they have a chance to play in the available space of the room.

15 Beautiful Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

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All of us realize that kitchen is a place where we usually use for getting traffic and whole lot of dirt and mess. On the other hand, there are of course ways to make the interior worthy and to glam it up. So, in this writing, we want to tell you some ways to decorate the kitchen so that it will not just become a place for getting dirt and mess after cooking, but it will be the very attractive room to visit instead.

In addition, to make the kitchen go to the next level, a way that you can try is to use metallic accents to embellish it. Those kinds of great thing will be possible to give the kitchen a glamorous touch well whether for style or design.

For the kitchen which has natural black and white interiors, the metallic accents will work well in it. The kinds of metallic accents that can be used are such as silver, bronze, rose or yellow gold. Moreover, the kitchen that is supported with metallic accents will be completely glamorous if you add patterned, metallic, textured or interesting backsplash tile.

Talking about the backsplash tile above, you need to know that this thing can bring character to the kitchen design. The kitchen is very possible to be more elegant with the backsplash tile. Furthermore, you can also get a very glamorous look of the kitchen if you also add some accessories that can make a difference like chandelier and a wood slab countertop.

Also, make sure that the kitchen is bright enough with some cool lamps. Thus, it will be so enjoyable to be used for cooking comfortably or just having meal relaxingly because of the beautiful atmosphere of the kitchen. By imagining the kitchen look after being designed with this idea, it will be so pleasurable to try, won’t it? So, it is time for you to try and feel the differently glamorous atmosphere of the kitchen you design.

10 Awesome Black and White Wooden Kitchen Designs

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Hello good people. You need to know that kitchen is one of the important rooms in the house. It is because the room is used almost every day. Therefore, to design it beautifully is necessary to give nice impression to everyone who visits it, especially the users. In relation to designing beautiful kitchen, you can get inspired from the interior designer and furniture maker named Katrin Arens. This person is a very good designer because she has ever designed young restaurateur couple in Bergamo. So, her skill can guarantee the perfect design she made.

In addition, you need to know that her creation is very great. It is about kitchen which is built largely from salvaged scaffolding wood. The nice impression of the kitchen is that it is supported with a dramatic wall of iron sheeting which wraps around the range hood. That is why we say that the creation of Katrin Arens is great.

Then, the interesting spot of the kitchen from her, there is a dishwasher that is to the right of the sink. Also, there is a freestanding fridge to the left. Thus, the existence of them can of course perfectly beautify the kitchen interior. So, you can try it if you want to have a great kitchen with beautiful interior.

Moreover, in the kitchen made by that designer, there are all-wood drawers and cabinets with basic carved openings which are used in most of the design. They are certainly able to add the beauty of the room. Then, there are also provided some functional storage which can be used to save anything related to the kitchen. The inviting impression of the storages is that they are made of good quality of wood. So, the look can be very naturally attractive that comes from the appearance of the wood.