13 Stunning Loft Bedroom Designs

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Hello everyone. How is life? Hope everything is okay and fine. Well, are you ready to design your bedroom to be more attractive and charming? It is able to be done by making a bedroom with a loft style.

Have you ever heard before? Or is it the first time to hear it? To get a good solution and disappear your anxious feeling, it is the best way to pay attention in this explanation and description below. Hope it can be a resource for you who want design the bedroom interestingly and creatively.

In relation to the kind of bedroom, a loft bedroom provides something which is magical and mysterious. Why it can be like that? Actually, it is disguised somewhere above the floor so that it is placed on a higher place. Besides, this bedroom also makes a luxurious sleeping space for the users, they can be the owners or even the guests.

Then, creating a loft bedroom can be one of the challenging ways and also space saving. It is of course a great solution for one room apartment in order to keep bedroom private and divide from the rest of house.

On the other hand, this unique bedroom can be built in a small studio apartment as well as in a spacious industrial building. It is able to work well if the ceilings are higher as the low ones which might divide a small room into crammed sections.

Furthermore, this bedroom is usually placed on the higher one or the second floor of the house. Thus, to go there, the people should use such stairs or a ladder. The stairs is used to put some beautiful shoes, in this case especially for women.

Besides, there is also small wooden table which can be a place to put some reading books, small sleeping lamps and a vase of fragrance flowers. All of the elements above are good for them who want to design their bathroom more elegant and sparkling.

20 Cool Rustic Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom

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Hello, everyone! When the fall comes, you must feel less warm and cozy right? So, it can be said as lacking some warmth and coziness. Thus, you are suggested for getting inspired from this beautiful bedroom style with ensuite bathroom ideas to solve that problem.

In relation to this bedroom, you need to know that the décor is designed in refined rustic style. By being designed in that style, the bedroom will be more charming and attractive for you. Besides, it will also make you feel warmer. Then, the special quality of this bedroom style is the area of the décor can share an open-plan space. Also, the space is separated by a wall that is placed in the middle of it. So, it will create more interesting appearance.

In addition, for you who like to have a bedroom which is connected to a bathroom, this bedroom décor idea is the right choice for you. By having this, you do not need to take a long time to go to bathroom after you do some activities in the bedroom. So, it will be effective and easy.

For designing the bedroom with ensuite bathroom, you may use a bare concrete ceiling. Then, you may add a hand-painted striped featured wall. With this combination, the atmosphere of the bedroom will not be boring. Besides, those materials can be functioned to create a raw look in contrast. Also, they can also produce clean lines of the bathroom cabinetry, wardrobe and bath.

Furthermore, for the dividing wall, it is nicely done in a dark polish concrete finish on one side. While the available wooden floor, it can be used to increase the warmth of the space. So, you will get so many benefits if you apply this bedroom décor idea to design your bedroom. By applying it, you will hopefully be able to get bright, warm, and also inviting space to welcome the fall.

19 Stunning Industrial Bedroom Designs

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Do you like industrial bedroom design? If so, it is the right way for you because at this time, this kind of bedroom design is getting popularity. Moreover, this design can be suitable for any room. So, it will be enjoyable for you.

Then, to prevent you from hesitating and thinking that the style is too rough or gloomy for bedroom, the designers have been well-prepared to assuage your doubt. So, you can prove it. You need to know that the industrial style is considered as masculine. However, it can also be even feminine. The feminine can be got if you choose the right colors and accessories. The more important if you are girl and want the feminine bedroom, just support the room with womanly color such as pink and womanly accessories.

In relation to the industrial bedroom, do you know about brick? Brick is the most popular wall décor for industrial spaces. So, it can be suitably used to this bedroom design. The brick is usually white or rough wood. You need to know that the brick let you add an eye-catching detail, for instance oversized art pieces. Thus, you may use the brick to be functioned as material for beautifying the wall look.

Furthermore, don’t forget to get metal pipe furniture if you want to continue the beautiful style. Also, get funny bed to support the atmosphere to look more amazingly inviting. After getting all of them, what you are better to do next is to paint the furniture. It will be better if you are a good painter.

In addition, to make the bedroom perfectly enjoyable to look, it is possible for you to put colorful cushions, lamps, and a bed spread. Thus, the completely enjoyable industrial bedroom can be enjoyed every time you visit the bedroom.

18 Outstanding Outdoor Bedroom Oasis Designs

Hi ladies and gentlemen! How is life? Hope today is better than yesterday. Yea, welcome again to the bedroom designs. Well, in this nice opportunity, we are going to share something which absolutely is very important for those who need it. By the way, do you know the outdoor bedroom oasis design? And can you imagine how does it look like?

Okay, before all of you know it in detail, of course it is related to the summer season because the topic is outdoor bedroom. For some people, especially Western people, summer is a good time even the best time for them to sleep outdoor every time they want. Thus, if the weather allows doing it, they are able to make a chic outdoor bedroom.

In relation to that, there are different ways to create this interesting bedroom. First, they could use or build a big front terrace which is covered with beautiful curtain in order to keep the users’ privacy. Second, they might also place a tent which has medium size in their natural garden or use a garden house.

Then, the other option is just putting a bed, maybe a hanging one in the garden so that it will look attractive to be seen by many people. Furthermore, it is suggested for them to put some good books to be read while enjoying the situation there by drinking a cup of sweet tea. To make this outdoor bedroom more charming, they can add some sparkling lamps or delightful lanterns. So, they will feel enjoyable and comfortable when they sleep there.

For the additional information, there are lots of styles which can be used to make this kind of bedroom. However, it is better for them to choose boho chic due to it looks so bold, inviting, relaxing, and surely it is very easy to make by everyone. Then, to get an amazing atmosphere, they can place some greenery plants or colorful flowers around this outdoor bedroom. So, it is really gorgeous to be made.

17 Fantastic Summer Bedroom Designs

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What do you feel of summer? Do you feel very hot? Maybe some of you will feel like that. On the other hand, summer is a kind of amazing seasons in which there will be full of sunlight. If you enjoy the summer, why don’t you bring some summer touches into the décor? Of course, it will be very interesting.

Everybody knows that bedroom is a place where every person wakes up every morning. After waking up, there are some people who need inspiration for the day. So, by having the interesting bedroom is possible of being able to create the good mood of them and fresh their mind so that they will be able to get inspiration easily.

Then, you may try using soothing hues of soft peach which is combined with white and strokes of green. It is done when you want to create a calm and tranquil ambience in summer bedroom. Then, provide also brass accents which may be able to add touch of elegance on the side tables of the bedroom. By providing all of them, the mood will raise because of facing such beauty and elegance. So, when you need to get back your good mood in the bedroom, to try this way is the right way for you.

If possible, you can find layers of textiles, embroidered sheets, and soft wool blankets in order to fulfill the requirement for fresh nights of yours. Then, complete the look of delightful bedroom with colorful blanket, funny bed cover. For the bed cover, you may get flowers motive if you are girl. If you are man, you may take it which is decorated with sport pictures, like football, basketball, and so on. So, it will be very exciting.

For the floor, it is better for you to get the wooden one. To fresh the atmosphere, provide flowers in every side of the room or around your bed. Then, don’t forget to get white curtain for being put on the window. It is functioned to make the room keep bright. If possible, give also greenery plants to create perfectly exciting bedroom ambiance.